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Preplanning Your Funeral. The Most Precious Gift.

Planning your funeral in advance is indeed a considerate gift to your family. When you make your critical decisions today, when you consider your choices well in advance, you shield your loved ones from having to make complicated decisions at the most difficult time. To protect them even further, consider prepaying for the arrangements. This guarantees that your loved ones will not have to cope with unexpected expenses. All funeral prearrangements are fully insured, to assure your dollars are secure.

Transferring Prearrangements.

Even if you have existing prearrangements at another funeral home, you still have options, as we honor all existing prearrangements. You can transfer your arrangements at anytime to Bridges Funeral Home without losing any benefits. Please contact us for more information.

Preplanning offers more than peace of mind. It also offers confidence that your arrangements will be carried out as you have specified. When the time comes, you will have exactly the type of commemorative service you want, down to the very last detail.

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