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A Tribute to the Accomplishments of a Life.

Knoxville families have always known and trusted Dennis Bridges. Although Bridges Funeral Home is a state-of-the-art facility, families come to us for the comfort and professionalism provided by our staff to plan funeral services that truly illuminate the achievements and special interests of their loved ones. They know that the professional staff at Bridges has a special understanding of the community s traditions, offering night funerals and accommodations for even the largest visitation.

For those who prefer traditional interment, many choices are available, including a wide range of options that help to personalize the service, and communicate the values of the life that has been lived.

Cremation services are also available, and may include all the traditional memorial observances, such as gatherings, graveside services, and other forms of tribute.

Our Caring Never Stops.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is life s most difficult experience. So it is not unexpected for some family members to need some additional emotional support after the funeral. We make a special effort to be available to those in sorrow, and to help with referrals to support groups and counselors.

Our affiliation with local support groups is especially comforting to the recently bereaved. Many groups meet once a week for three full months, or longer if necessary. These groups are hosted and conducted by the most experienced counselors in the area.

We welcome your inquiries about the many types of support available to families who are coping with grief.

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